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Powerfull application which improve your sales productivity and provides calls report, feedback, followup date and recordings

App Features


The feature designed for the campaigns that enable calls recording of inbound and

outbound call with good quality of voice. In addition primarily recording save into your mobile phone storage and can be available online CRM panel of the company user. Recording can be very useful for the internal and training purpose in the call center.

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Leads Management

The feature that enabled leads management between your call

center executive. You can distribute leads within your available campaign executives. Leads can be divide between your campaign executive based on their relevant names which will be displayed into the application of user.

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The feature that enables every calls report based on their nature like “Missed call &

Answered” with the disposition. User can view the relevant records with the duration of conversations. Report would be fetch from the server from the application.

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The unique feature that enables reminder of any scheduled meeting call.Executive can set

the reminder based on the conversation over with client. Application execute a pop up option for that to set reminder of the calls. So you want be able to miss any important meetings or appointments with the clients.

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About Us

About Our Company And Mobiler Dialer App.

Airson has created telephony application development toolkits and call center plateforms that enable customer/partners to develop integrate, automated and intelligent systems that enhance business performance by developing an efficiant mechanism for handling large customer traffic across multiple commmunication media. Airson has extensive experience in mapping business processors to technology systems across diverse industries. MobileDialer is the owner of Airson Telecom Pvt. Ltd. Mobiledialer android based interface for manual campaigns “progressive dialer”. Our application improving sales performance and customer service with the reporting & recording features.

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